Class tensorflow::RandomAccessFile

金坛期货配资A file abstraction for randomly reading the contents of a file.

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virtual tensorflow::RandomAccessFile::~RandomAccessFile()

virtual Status tensorflow::RandomAccessFile::Read(uint64 offset, size_t n, StringPiece *result, char *scratch) const =0

金坛期货配资Reads up to "n" bytes from the file starting at "offset".

"scratch[0..n-1]" may be written by this routine. Sets "result" to the data that was read (including if fewer than "n" bytes were successfully read). May set "金坛期货配资result" to point at data in "scratch[0..n-1]", so "scratch[0..n-1]" must be live when "*result" is used.

On OK returned status: "n" bytes have been stored in "result". On non-OK returned status: [0..n] bytes have been stored in "金坛期货配资result".

Returns OUT_OF_RANGE if fewer than n bytes were stored in "*result" because of EOF.

Safe for concurrent use by multiple threads.