Class tensorflow::TensorShape

Manages the dimensions of a Tensor and their sizes.

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tensorflow::TensorShape::TensorShape(gtl::ArraySlice< int64 > dim_sizes)

Construct a TensorShape from the provided sizes. REQUIRES: dim_sizes[i] >= 0

tensorflow::TensorShape::TensorShape(std::initializer_list< int64 > dim_sizes)

tensorflow::TensorShape::TensorShape(const TensorShapeProto &proto)

REQUIRES: IsValid(proto)


Create a tensor shape with no dimensions and one element, which you can then call AddDim() on.

void tensorflow::TensorShape::Clear()

金坛期货配资Clear a tensor shape.

void tensorflow::TensorShape::AddDim(int64 size)

Add a dimension to the end ("inner-most"). REQUIRES: size >= 0

void tensorflow::TensorShape::AppendShape(const TensorShape &shape)

Appends all the dimensions from shape.

void tensorflow::TensorShape::InsertDim(int d, int64 size)

Insert a dimension somewhere in the TensorShape. REQUIRES: 0 <= d <= dims() REQUIRES: size >= 0

void tensorflow::TensorShape::set_dim(int d, int64 size)

Modifies the size of the dimension d to be size REQUIRES: 0 <= d < dims() REQUIRES: size >= 0

void tensorflow::TensorShape::RemoveDim(int d)

Removes dimension d from the TensorShape. REQUIRES: 0 <= d < dims()

int tensorflow::TensorShape::dims() const

Return the number of dimensions in the tensor.

int64 tensorflow::TensorShape::dim_size(int d) const

Returns the number of elements in dimension d. REQUIRES: 0 <= d < dims()

gtl::ArraySlice<int64> tensorflow::TensorShape::dim_sizes() const

Returns sizes of all dimensions.

int64 tensorflow::TensorShape::num_elements() const

Returns the number of elements in the tensor.

We use int64 and not size_t to be compatible with Eigen::Tensor which uses ptrdiff_t.

bool tensorflow::TensorShape::IsSameSize(const TensorShape &b) const

Returns true if *this and b have the same sizes. Ignores dimension names.

bool tensorflow::TensorShape::operator==(const TensorShape &b) const

void tensorflow::TensorShape::AsProto(TensorShapeProto *proto) const

Fill *proto from *this.

Eigen::DSizes< Eigen::DenseIndex, NDIMS > tensorflow::TensorShape::AsEigenDSizes() const

Fill *dsizes from *this.

Eigen::DSizes< Eigen::DenseIndex, NDIMS > tensorflow::TensorShape::AsEigenDSizesWithPadding() const

Same as AsEigenDSizes() but allows for NDIMS > dims()金坛期货配资 in which case we pad the rest of the sizes with 1.

TensorShapeIter tensorflow::TensorShape::begin() const

For iterating through the dimensions.

TensorShapeIter tensorflow::TensorShape::end() const

string tensorflow::TensorShape::DebugString() const

For error messages.

string tensorflow::TensorShape::ShortDebugString() const

static bool tensorflow::TensorShape::IsValid(const TensorShapeProto &proto)

Returns true iff proto金坛期货配资 is a valid tensor shape.