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金坛期货配资Sets the AutoGraph verbosity level.


  • tf.compat.v1.autograph.set_verbosity
  • tf.compat.v2.autograph.set_verbosity

Debug logging in AutoGraph

More verbose logging is useful to enable when filing bug reports or doing more in-depth debugging.

There are two means to control the logging verbosity:

  • The set_verbosity function

  • The AUTOGRAPH_VERBOSITY environment variable

set_verbosity takes precedence over the environment variable.

For example:

import os
import tensorflow as tf

os.environ['AUTOGRAPH_VERBOSITY'] = 5
# Verbosity is now 5

# Verbosity is now 0

os.environ['AUTOGRAPH_VERBOSITY'] = 1
# No effect, because set_verbosity was already called.

Logs entries are output to 's , with INFO level. Logs can be mirrored to stdout by using the alsologtostdout argument. Mirroring is enabled by default when Python runs in interactive mode.


  • level: int, the verbosity level; larger values specify increased verbosity; 0 means no logging. When reporting bugs, it is recommended to set this value to a larger number, like 10.
  • alsologtostdout: bool, whether to also output log messages to sys.stdout.

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