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An eager-compatible version of recompute_grad.


  • tf.compat.v1.recompute_grad
  • tf.compat.v2.recompute_grad

For f(args, *kwargs), this supports gradients with respect to args, or to gradients with respect to any variables residing in the kwarg 'variables'. Note that for keras layer and model objects, this is handled automatically.

Warning: If f was originally a tf.keras Model or Layer object, g will not be able to access the member variables of that object, because g returns through the wrapper function inner. When recomputing gradients through objects that inherit from keras, we suggest keeping a reference to the underlying object around for the purpose of accessing these variables.


  • f: function f(*x) that returns a Tensor or sequence of Tensor outputs.


A function g that wraps f, but which recomputes f on the backwards pass of a gradient call.

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